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Imonax (immunaX) BALANCE capsules
Imonax (immunaX) BALANCE capsules
EU €17.40
EU €16.76
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BioCo Glucosamine Tablets
BioCo Hungary
EU €14.20

60 tablets

Az an engine needs lubricant oil…our cartilage also needs lubrication!

Active ingredients per 1 tablet (*RDA%):

  • Vitamin C 30 mg (50%)
  • Glucosamine sulfate 555,5 mg
    -of which pure glocosamine 400 mg

Recommended Intake: For adults, 1 tablet recommended daily, to be taken with plenty of water.

Scientific research shows that glucosamine is an essential building block of normal and healthy cartilage formation. If there is a deficiency, cartilage regeneration does not occur, leading to friction of the joints and eventually joint deterioration (arthrosis). Glucosamine’s primary role is in the endurance and regenration of cartilage. As an important constituent of supportive tissue, healthy cartilage formation is inconceivable without it. Glucosamine’s main operating principle is that it is capable of drawing water molecules to itself, thus affecting the volume and density of cartilage moisture between the joints. Without this „lubrication,” there is friction between our joint cartilage which may eventually lead to their deterioration and difficulty of movement.

It is important to mention that the glucosamine sulfate amounts within this products is not the same as the pure glucosamine content! Glucosamine sulfate can only give a certain percentage of pure glucosamine content, therefore, it is recommended that you always check the pure „glucosamine” content within a given product you wish to purchase.

Each and every tablet of the BioCo Glucosamine tablet contains 400 mg of pure glucosamine. Regular consumption is recommended for those who’s joints undergo a lot of strain (athletes, those with jobs requiring serious physical stress), the elderly, and those who would like to protect the health of their joints and cartilage.

This supplement has been classified with a green checkmark by the Hungarian National Food and Nutrition Institute (OÉTI).

Caution: Glucosamine sulphate is a natural substance derived from the chitin crust of crustaceans. Avoid consumption of the product if you have allergic reactions to fish, crustaceans, shellfish, molluscs, etc.

Health supplements do not substitute a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not consume more than the recommended daily intake!

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 31 March, 2010.
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VargaStem Capsules
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Vitanax PX4/S + Flavogenin PRO Pack

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